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This website has been produced by the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH), a UK based charity. AYPH is the independent voice for young people’s health. We believe that young people have a right to good health and high quality accessible healthcare. You can find out more about our work on our main website

This site is our data portal, where we have collected together statistics about youth health and information about how to use them in your work. One of AYPH’s central aims is to promote evidence-based practice by making research findings more accessible. The first edition of the website was constructed in the autumn of 2021. Each page indicates when the data were last updated. Although we will be making minor amends to it, a major revision is not planned until 2023.


Authors and acknowledgements

The authors of the website are Ann Hagell, Lizzie Wortley, Lucy Ross and Eva Whitacker. Website design is by Clare Crouch at hrscreative. Many people have helped us with the content of the site, and we would particularly like to thank Dr John Coleman, Dr Ronny Cheung, Louise Marshall, Jonathan Baggaley and Kate Thurland.



We are very grateful to the Health Foundation for funding to support the design of the website.


Intellectual Property

This website and all its materials including (but not limited to) software, code, scripts, text, artwork, photographs, images, video, and audio are the property of AYPH.

You are welcome to use the charts from the website with acknowledgement of the Association for Young People’s Health and the website link as their source.  You can also download Excel spreadsheets containing the data on which the charts are based, usually by clicking on ‘source’ at the bottom of the chart.

If you wish to cite the whole website, please use:

Association for Young People’s Health (2021) Youth Health Data www.ayph-youthhealthdata.org.uk Retrieved [date].

If you wish to cite the Key Data part of the website, please use:

Association for Young People’s Health (2021) Key Data on Young People’s Health www.ayph-youthhealthdata.org.uk/key-data/ Retrieved [date]


Contact us

If you have further questions about this website please email us.