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Health Inequalities

Health outcomes

In this section we provide a unique collection of data illustrating the differences that young people aged 10-24 can experience in their physical and mental health outcomes. 

In 2021 there was a 16.6% gap between obesity rates in 10/11 year olds in the least and most deprived areas

Oral health

Data from an NHS survey in 2013 (not since repeated) revealed significant inequalities in oral health among secondary school age children. Fifteen year olds from more deprived areas of England were more than twice as likely to have severe dental decay compared to those from less deprived areas (20% compared with 8%). 74% of 15 year old pupils who are eligible for free school meals report visiting the dentist regularly, compared to 85% of pupils who aren’t eligible for free school meals (PHE, 2021).

Chart HO11: 15 year olds in deprived areas have more dental decay

All data correct as of 1st May 2022