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The Key Data series has been running since 1997, providing nearly 25 years of information about young people’s lives. Previous editions have been hard copies or on-line PDFs; since 2021 we have presented it as a website.

Key Data collates publicly available data, extracting what we can find that is directly relevant to the 10-25 age group. The information is organised by topic. Click on different themes to get an overview, key findings and links to more information. You can also use the search function to find information on different topics.

We’re very interested in what you think of this as a resource, or any information you might have about additional data sources that might be relevant. Please do email us at any time with comments, suggestions and feedback.

    Finding info on Covid-19

    Children and young people have been less affected than other age groups by coronavirus infection itself, but have been disproportionately impacted by the social, educational and economic impacts of the pandemic.

    Where we have data on their experiences of Covid-19 we have included this in the relevant sections on this website. For example, information on deaths from Covid-19 can be found in the section on population size and life expectancy. Information about Covid-19 and mental health can be found in the section on mental health.  You can use the search facility to find other places on the site where Covid-19 is mentioned.