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Young people’s perspectives

Health practitioners, researchers and policy makers have particular approaches to what’s important in young people’s health, and on what should be measured. Sometimes these are based on, for example, international classifications of disease groupings. These may not always coincide with what young people think is important. Understanding young peoples’ perspectives on health topics and how to measure health outcomes is critical to improving services. This page sets out some starting points for people who want to find out more.

“I think it’s important to have data about health because if you know what’s more likely to give you certain illnesses, then if you can prevent it, it might be better than trying to live with it and having to take medication for it.”

Young person

More sources of young people’s views on health topics

There is a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data about young peoples views on health and health services.  There are too many to list them all but these are good starting points:

AYPH’s participation work with young people

AYPH’s participation work with young people

AYPH is committed to increasing young people’s influence over health policies using group work and popular education methods to facilitate projects that focus on particular populations, sectors or health topics.

Healthwatch’s searchable database

Healthwatch’s searchable database

The Patient Experience Library can be searched for ‘children’, and ‘Healthwatch reports’, bringing up a useful collection of local reports on what young people think about various health topics



The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’s youth participation function, including  a range of resources, guides and activities created with and by children, young people and families.

Blogs about data by young people

AYPH’s youth interns share reflections on developing Key Data for Young People.

Trying to pin down UK youth homelessness data

Lucy Ross was a research intern at AYPH, helping to collate data for ‘Key Data on Young People’, which AYPH publishes every two years. In this blog she explains some of the challenges of pinning...

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